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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Fargo’s Idea of Protection

Fargo, the Diversion Authority, Cass County and the United States Army Corps of Engineers are trying to sell an imminent threat as protection.

There is a universal understanding that the best way to avoid a flood is to build on higher ground.

Fargo has a mission to develop the last natural flood plain adjacent to the city.

What would or could a massive reservoir filled to capacity on notoriously unstable ground, that’s prone to saturation, look like? Especially given the windy conditions that are indicative to North Dakota and the Red River Valley?

Ran across this video of Devils Lake on YouTube to give you an unsettling idea…

YouTube Preview Image

Ironically, the conditions viewed in the video have the greatest chance of occurring if the proposed Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion is built…, and not as a naturally occurring event.

Fargo and the Diversion Authority know this and intentionally downplay the inherent threats to foster support for a flawed plan.


…has Fargo ever faced overland flooding conditions where an 8′-12′ foot wall of water was bearing down on the metro area. However, the conditions would exist if the “high hazard” Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion were built.

Why would any sensible property owner drop their flood insurance downstream of a structure focusing these conditions at North Dakotas largest city?

Why would any sensible law maker assist Fargo’s future economic development of the last natural flood plain when safer, more sensible and cost effective alternatives exist?

Fargo’s greatest threat is not the Richland Wilkin JPA.

Fargo’s greatest threat is it’s local leaders, the Diversion Authority and the Corps of Engineers – facilitating future land development into the last natural flood plain adjacent to the city for an elite group of land developers.

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