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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Cartoon Gallery

Cartoon Gallery

Here is a collection of cartoons centering around the
Fargo Dam and FM Diversion
Artist: Jack Lunde

David vs Goliath

David vs Goliath - Click for Large View

Dennis Walakers Grand Solution

Grand Solution - Click for Large View

Poker (Ante Up)

Poker (Ante Up) - Click for Large View

Imperial Emperor Denny

Imperial Emperor Denny - Click for Large View

Milk Money from Moorhead

Milk Money from Moorhead - Click for Large View

Cattails of the Diversion Authority - Click for Large View

Emperor Dennis Walaker's New Clothes

Emperor Denny's New Clothes - Click for Large View

Cooking the Books

Cooking the Books - Click for Large View


More to come…


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2 Responses to “ Cartoon Gallery ”

  1. The artist is Jack Lunde.

  2. The use of political cartoons is part of the heritage of American political life. From the Boss Tweed cartoons by Ted Nash to Doonesbury the cartoon makes visually makes the point, stay tuned more to come.

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