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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

OHB Oxbow Hickson Bakke Ring Dike

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This section is dedicated to plans,
drawings and discussion

that pertain to the OHB
(Oxbow, Hickson, Bakke) Ring Dike.

Links to content:

Question from USACE: Septic Systems

2013-09-25 Conceptual Rink Dike with Recreational Features

2014-01-03 OHB Wind-Wave Report

2014-01-03 DDR OHB WP-43B DTR ATR-35 percent
  ↳Plans: FMM43B DTR ATR 35 percent
    ↳Specifications: DTR ATR 35 percent

2014-03-03 OHB 404 Permit Application

2014-03-18 OHB SnowFence Draft Report


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