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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Mike McFeely’s Myopic Musings


Mike McFeely

Fargo Forum columnist Mike McFeely dabbled in temporal mechanics in his October 29, 2017 article and then attempted to further his self-interest during his radio program on 970 WDAY.

What can be culled from McFeely’s drivel and bloviating orations is that “if” time travel were possible he would be still be ignorant, no matter where or when he existed, sprinkling his fairy dust on whatever irks him.

McFeely’s go-to dam and diversion arguments are always laced with fear mongering. It took only 88 words to roll out the phrase “catastrophic Red River flood” in an attempt to polarize readers to buy into McFeely’s bias and politics.

One could argue that McFeely’s use of the word “catastrophic” is disingenuous at best.

If McFeely were truly concerned about a “catastrophic Red River flood”;

Where is McFeely’s outrage at Fargo’s incomplete internal flood protections to protect the city against the next flood, when Moorhead completed theirs within 4 years of the 2009 flood?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at the lax attitude on river setbacks (read more…)?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at the USACE for intentionally obfuscating and intermingling 100 and 500 year flood events in Fargo?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at Fargo and Cass county for requesting that FEMA adopt a higher 100 year flood, extending deeply into Richland County, in an attempt to leverage flood insurance against the overall FMDA project?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at the USACE for intentionally downgrading the 125 year flood event ((Read more…) experienced in 2009 to serve the narrative that fosters more development of the natural flood plain immediately upstream of Fargo?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at Fargo’s ongoing development encroachment into the natural flood plain that displaces water and increases the threat of flooding to existing F-M area properties?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at Rocky Scheider (AE2S) and Mary Scherling (Cass County) for carrying the water for the $16,500 in PAC money they received, during the 2012 County Commission Race, from the Realtors PAC of ND and the North Dakota Association of Builders. On January 23, 2014 – Rocky Schneider of AE2S recommended to DPAC that indirect benefits should be assigned. Mary Scherling moved that DPAC usurp a majority of a property owners vote representation (gerrymandering an illegal vote) and transfer it to local governing entities throwing EVERY TAXPAYER in Cass County under the bus for Fargo’s development project disguised as flood control.
Where is McFeely’s outrage at non-elected FMDA members encumbering and obligating taxpayers to fund a multi-billion dollar development scheme disguised as flood control and the potential financial apocalypse to follow?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at any elected or appointed MN official disregarding the multitude of Minnesota laws that the proposed Fargo Dam and FM Diversion violates, rendering it non-permittable? Is McFeely so morally and ethically bankrupt that he is willing to look the other way when these very laws are violated to achieve the outcome that he wants?
Where is McFeely’s outrage at the FMDA (Fargo Dam and FM Diversion Authority) for methodically excluding stakeholder entities outside Fargo’s jurisdictional boundaries who, as a result of their exclusion, initiated litigation to protect their sovereign interests?
Where is McFeely’s snarky outrage at the arrogance of the FMDA leadership that painted the project into a corner via their insolent actions.


This is the very same McFeely that ad nauseam denied the project contained 3 Class 1 High Hazard Dam control structures with operable gates and nearly 12 miles of earthen tie-back dam spanning the North Dakota – Minnesota state border.

McFeely is so brainwashed by the FMDA kool-aid that he defiantly refuses to accept that the USACE clearly stated these EXACT WORDS:


 – Why? –


Let that sink in for a moment…

If portions of Fargo and large portions of Moorhead exist above the 500 year flood level (according to the USACE) and the USACE downgraded the 2009 flood event (125 year event) ((Read more…), wouldn’t reaching a future 100 year, let alone a 500 year flood level be even less likely in the future?

If FEMA adopts 41.1 feet (33,000 cfs) as the new 100 year flood at some time in the indeterminate future, it is only 3.12 inches higher than the 2009 flood. Moorhead is well protected (Read more…) and the constant din and fear mongering over mandatory flood insurance is moot for two reasons.

1) Moorhead Flood Protection is higher.
2) Flood Insurance could still be required if the FMDA project were built.

Then again…, this is the rantings and ravings of a mediocre talk show host pandering to a dwindling peanut gallery on parsed information provided to him by the very proponents being paid directly or indirectly to develop the project.

On a positive note…, there are residents of Fargo smart enough to see things for what they are worth.

Take a minute and read Mark Bratlie’s letter to the editor.

Keep in mind one INDELIBLE FACT in all this. There are good people in Fargo that deserve permanent internal flood protection that won’t regressively tax their children’s – grandchildren until the year 2085.

The preliminary injunction does not prevent Fargo from completing permanent internal flood protection for the existing city like Moorhead constructed post 2009.

All they have to do is show the judge they can behave and follow his court order.

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