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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

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Mike McFeely's Myopic Musings

Mike McFeely’s Myopic Musings

Then again…, this is the rantings and ravings of a mediocre talk show host pandering to a dwindling peanut gallery on parsed information provided to him by the very proponents being paid directly or indirectly to develop the project.

Pawluk's Pen Perils (part 7)

Pawluk’s Pen Perils (part 7)

The danger of losing objectivity is that a pragmatic solution for Fargo’s contrived flood levels becomes harder to reach, largely because the goal is financially unrealistic.

Pawluk's Pen Perils (part 6)

Pawluk’s Pen Perils (part 6)

What happens when taxpayers get to pay sales tax and tax assessments for local and federal share for the dam, diversion and then flood insurance?

Pawluk's Pen Perils (part 5)

Pawluk’s Pen Perils (part 5)

Rather ignominious to bellyache that people need a flood so that Pawluk and his ilk can pompously deliver a “WE TOLD YOU SO”, when they’ve had SIX LONG YEARS to complete internal flood protection and help those 20,000 property owners avoid FEMA flood insurance,

Pawluk's Pen Perils (part 4)

Pawluk’s Pen Perils (part 4)

It is unfortunate that the very agencies that should be working in tension to each other are expected acquiesce or be cast out, much like what happened with the Buffalo Red River Watershed District and West Fargo.

Pawluk's Pen Perils (part 3)

Pawluk’s Pen Perils (part 3)

Ken Pawluk, Here’s a thought…, pull your heads out of your derriere’s and stop leveraging future development against the existing homes of hard working taxpayers funding the escapades of you and your ilk.

Craig Hertsgaard MNDak Testimony to North Dakota Legislative Budget Section

Craig Hertsgaard MNDak Testimony to North Dakota Legislative Budget Section

This is a federal project designed to have federal participation, but the federal government has no money. The continuing budget resolution funding the government in Washington has had a ban on new project construction funding for the last four years, with no end in sight. If you read the letter to the White House from the Minnesota governor, you’ll see he is requesting that no money or support be given to the diversion project, at least until the DNR is done with their study.

MarK Broadshaug Is

MarK Broadshaug Is “All Wet” Regarding 100 year Flood Woes

The U.S. Corps of Engineer and Red River Basin reports failed to include the net effects of flood plain encroachment on rising flood crests and flood risks, which is directly related to new flood insurance requirements. Every person impacted with new flood insurance requirements can thank Fargo for gambling with flood data, dragging their feet on completing internal flood protection and continuing growth into flood prone areas causing greater future flood risks.

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