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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Cass County Commissioner Seat FOR SALE

Obviously, I touched a nerve with Cass county commissioner district 5 candidate Mary Scherling.

Being that, as it may…, it isn’t often that I encourage a specific article to be forwarded, but given that the election is only days away – time is of the essence.

Encourage your friends and family to forward this article before Tuesday, November 6th, 2012!

Letter: Writer was fast, loose with facts
By: Mary Scherling, Fargo, INFORUM

In response to Marcus Larson’s letter of Oct. 28 regarding the de-annexation of Pleasant Township, questions of my qualifications as a rural resident and my participation in the process need to be addressed.

Giving District 5 candidate Mary Scherling the benefit of the doubt to address the matter seems only fair, given the circumstances.

I am well aware of the issues facing Cass County and have met with numerous officials, engineers, department leaders, mayors and residents throughout the county (including but not limited to Pleasant Township).

I would hope that Mary Scherling spent time campaigning in other areas of Cass county, however, the concern presented was her absence in connecting with constituents in Pleasant Township.

After speaking again with several neighbors and farmers I was “again” unable to find anyone that Mary Scherling alleges she met with and discussed issues within Pleasant Township.

Even more interesting is her lack of connecting with the Pleasant Township board.

Had Mary Scherling connected with constituents within Pleasant Township and shown support or non-support either way for the issues we’re facing, it would have spread quickly among neighbors, friends and relatives.

Those concerns are broad and include infrastructure, social services, water management, community revitalization, economic development, law enforcement and the size of gravel on County Road 2, just to mention just a few.

Drawing general broad strokes is rather easy, as nearly all township and county level commissioners deal with the issues that Mary Scherling has described above. What is conspicuously missing in her generic broad strokes is the direct and indirect impacts of the Fargo Dam and FM Diversion upon the residents of Pleasant Township, such as:

the overall financial burden placed upon Pleasant Township constituents
impacts to rural farming operations
loss of equity
loss of resale
refinance issues
undervalued hardship offers
impacts to Kindred School District
lack of Cass county commissioner representation
ambiguous taking valuation under eminent domain
concerns over multiple Class 1 High Hazard Dams
alignment of inlet structure
concerns over CapX 2020

What Mary Scherling also forgot to mention is over $6,000 in PAC money she received from the FM Area Realtors Political Association PAC and others as a district 5 commissioner candidate for Cass county.

Mary Scherling Cass County Commissioner Candidate Campaign PAC Contributions 2012

Click Image for Full View (pdf)

Was this sizeable contribution, (31% of the $20,877 annual commissioner salary), made to ensure this district 5 candidate stays in lockstep with development plans of Fargo and Cass county?

Larson did get my address right, but what he got wrong is that I do not live in the city limits of Fargo and cannot vote in any city election. I live in District 5 and rely on rural services. I work throughout the entire county.


Mary Scherling 7508 Chrisan Way, Fargo, ND 58104 (within Fargo 4mi. ET Area)

Click Image for Full Size View (png)

What Mary Scherling failed to mention is that her 7508 Chrisan Way, Fargo, ND 58104 address falls within Section 381 limits of the city of Fargo’s 1/4 section grid. Which is well within Fargo’s 4mi ET annex expansion limits and only 750 feet from Fargo’s closest and recent annexation.

Scherling also failed to include that when Fargo chooses to annex her property, she will / would have the opportunity to vote on county and Fargo measures from a Cass county district 5 commissioners seat.

Larson’s accusation of my not showing up to debate my opponent is curious as I was in Casselton on Oct. 17 and did indeed participate.

Mary Scherling’s response is even more curious, because she knows “which debate” she didn’t attend. Scherling did not attend the League of Women Voters Debate forum in May 2012. However, in typical politician form, she attempted willful misdirection over the truth.

2012-05-08 Diversion Unites Cass County Commission Candidates INFORUM Fargo, ND

Click for Full Size View (pdf)

It appears that it is Mary Scherling that is being Fast and Loose in her bid for Cass county district 5 commissioner seat.

Brandy Pyle is the only sensible choice for District 5 and rural Cass county!

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  1. As Molly Ivins said “You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You”
    We will not forget who “brung you to the dance” This goes for Mary and Rocky too as the record shows who foots the dance card.

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