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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Will the Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion provide protection from summer flooding and heavy rainfall events?

Q&A - Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion

Flooding caused by heavy rainfall events within the proposed project area are not protected by the Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion.

Heavy rainfall events that induce flash flooding in urban and low lying area can quickly overwhelm city sewer and storm drain collection systems.

Limited advance warning and swiftness of rain events would prevent implementation of temporary flood measure leaving significant areas susceptible to potential loss of life, flood risk and impacts.

Lifting or relaxation of requirements for federal flood insurance as a result of the Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion increases financial risk to property owners living inside the proposed project area.

USACE: FEIS: Appendix O – Plan Formulation


Allowing citizens to build in the existing floodplain would increase overall flood damages in the future. Flooding could also impact emergency access in these areas and cause catastrophic loss during rainfall flood events.

Monday, March 9th, 2009
Dave Kyner – FEMA Flood Insurance Specialist

Insurance News Net

One of the big misconceptions about flood insurance, said Dave Kyner, a flood insurance specialist with FEMA, is that “people don’t need flood insurance. That FEMA, if there is a disaster, will come in and take care of us.”

“That’s partially true,” Kyner said. “That is, if the president declares the disaster an official one. And then, aside from not-cheap Small Business Administration loans, the only help that might come through FEMA is individual assistance, that tops out at $30,000, he said.”

“And $30,000 isn’t much when you take into account that your home is your biggest investment,” Kyner said.

“A lot of people had flood insurance in West Fargo but dropped it because of the Sheyenne River Diversion Project,” Kyner said. “They figured they would be safe. But they weren’t safe from the 17 inches of rain that came down. My point is it floods everywhere. A 60-foot dike can’t protect you if it rains 17 inches on the wrong side of the dike.”

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