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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

FM Diversion Uses FAKE NEWS on Twitter

FM Diversion "TWEET" May 20, 2017

FM Diversion “TWEET” May 20, 2017

Propaganda ministers for the FMDA (Fargo Dam and FM Diversion Authority) resort to misleading “tweets” on day of Fargo Marathon in attempt to rally support for $2.126 billion boondoggle.

1) The image is the West Fargo (Sheyenne) Diversion. ( Red River does not appear in the image above.)

2) The Red River, over the past 111 years, exceeded MAJOR flood stage (30 feet) 15 times.

3) The Red River, over the past 21 years, exceeded MAJOR flood stage (30 feet) 8 times.

4) Tweet coincided with Fargo Marathon.

5) In 13 days, FM Diversion’s TWEET was “liked” and “re-TWEETED” 1 time.


According to the City of Fargo, since 1994, the city has spent a total of $36.9 million on all flood fights.

Over the past 21 years, only 3 flood events posed a risk (38 feet) to structures (1997, 2009 and 2011).

All events crested higher as a result of natural flood plain encroachment along Rose Coulee and South of 52nd Ave and West of I-29.

** Only 15 events exceeded major flood stage (30 feet)
in the entire 116 year period of available records.

2017-05-20 FM Diversion Tweet (noted)

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