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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Such a Deal

Fargo Diversion Authority Makes Empty Promises

On October 15th, 2012 the MnDak Upstream board met with representatives of the Fargo Diversion Authority, (DA).

We appreciated the time the Diversion Authority members took time to meet with us.

A little over a month “after” the September 13th, 2012 public meeting where they rolled out various alignment edicts and more Fargo, Cass, Corps, dam diversion propaganda.

The goal of upstream interests is to work together to achieve real flood control that benefits the region…, not just Fargo.

We were amazed to hear…

“You are being heard!
The Diversion Authority hears your complaints
and we are working to address them.”

“Your impacts are greatly reduced
by the new alignments more water through town
and new control gates.”

Then they asked why are you not now happy?

Right…! “WE”…are not happy! The issues still remain, 50,000+ acres of land is impacted, many homes we be immorally taken and offered paltry buyouts, lives will be forever impacted, the tax base affected, and even higher taxes on land with less evaluation.

It is “as if” the “Fargo-Cass-Diversion-Corps” school yard bully who was told by the principal to stop taking the milk money, decides to take a little less milk money hoping that the other kids will accept that losing only a portion of their milk money is a good deal.

Our question is why does the DA think they have the right to make decisions over our lives at their discretion?

The FM project is still operating under the simple proposition “we”, the Diversion Authority just wants to take what you have. The deal they offer us is, we will swap your dry land for our wet land, not for flood control but to get our land out of the regulatory flood plain.

This is a deal we will not take.

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