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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Defending Richland and Wilkin counties January 2nd, 2014

2014 Resolutions
Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority
Original Publication Date:
January 2nd, 2014

Wahpeton Daily News
Republished with permission from:
Editorial Team, Richland Wilkin JPA

We seldom see the progression from the bouncing baby with a top hat that signifies the New Year, to Old Man Time that exits with an hourglass in one hand and a scythe on his shoulder. In 12 months the youthful toddler grows up, takes on the affairs of the world, ages to hunched over feebleness, and stands ready for an exit. Lifestyle gurus tell us to use the tradition of New Year’s resolutions to review our purpose and determination to lose weight, focus on what’s important, and renew relationships. We’re flooded with suggestions on how to improve our lives.

Most of us have been battling for four years to preserve our communities from unwanted floodwater that will be the result of the Fargo Diversion Project. Despite a well organized message of inevitable doom from the Diversion Authority’s well financed public relations department, we remain convinced that Fargo can have flood protection without hurting their neighbors. It’s fitting that we begin the New Year with some resolutions of our own to focus on a positive solution for everyone.


• Find a flood solution for the Red River Valley that residents of North Dakota and Minnesota can be proud of

• Express a clear message of all available flood protection alternatives

• Reach out to our neighbors who value our way of life and respect share for one another

• Arrive at a flood protection solution where all residents are winners

• Promote the sensible use of tax dollars

• Do all we can to inform our neighbors and friends of what we can accomplish together

Above all, we resolve to never give up. The strength we have as an organization comes from our people’s ability to stand together, to raise the money needed to finance legal and political action, and to never lose sight of positive flood solutions for everyone. The image of Old Man Time doesn’t apply to our cause. We started out taking small steps with a lot to learn, but our determination is characterized by broad shoulders and eyes set on the future. Doing the right thing will never get old.

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