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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Wanton Speculations of Darrell Vanyo

Excerpt from Feb 15th Fargo Forum article:
“Oxbow to get ring levee for protection”

Vanyo said Biewer is not an elected official but has become a sort of spokesman for Bakke, which is an unincorporated subdivision.

Biewer’s survey signals there are a lot of people remaining silent “because they just don’t want to stir the pot,”

said Vanyo, a Cass County Commissioner.


Darrell Vanyo and his “ilk” could be considered nothing more than fair weather friends. Acknowledging you if “they” think you’re on their side. Repudiating you when you are not. Rallying around assumed “team players” to further their cause and ignoring all others with sensible alternatives. Exhalting those that champion the diversion proposal as a done deal for the greater good is nothing more than an illusion. Lamenting those that oppose the unjust Fargo Dam and FM Diversion, containing multiple high hazard dams, represents ignorance. Land grabbing opportunists of Imperial Fargo, Imperial Cass, Imperial Diversion Authority have now run amok with another PR campaign.
Darrell Vanyo Fargo Dam and FM Diversion
Violating property rights has become second nature to many Fargo Cass officials. Almost as though a pseudo entitlement has evolved to methodically ignore the “individual” to solely benefit development interests. Nearly every benefit of the proposed Fargo Dam and FM Diversion exacts a negative effect outside the city limits. Yet, nearly every benefit is based upon a manipulated cost benefit ratio at the expense of taxpayers. Oversight isn’t poor…, it’s non-existant.

It really makes one stop and think how depraved Fargo has become to absolve themselves of any wrong doing when they are the major cause of their own flood threats. Section by section Fargo deems it necessary to displace water into the Red River forcing water higher and higher and then seek sympathy for the end result of their irresponsible development.

At some point, Fargo is going to have to grow up both physically…and mentally. Nothing is really gained by developing land that is at the greatest risk of flooding.

Is it possible that the “experts” really don’t know jack and are simply patting each other on the back to keep up appearances? Darrell Vanyo implies that he is thoughtful and attentive, yet dismisses the willful destruction that he is participating in. It is evident that every promise made thus far has been reneged upon leaving very little room for future trust in the Diversion Authority or project proponents. Our state and federal representatives have to send Fargo, Cass County, the Diversion Authority and the USACE back to the drawing board to find a basin-wide solution that preserves all communities. Taking the last natural flood plain for Fargo’s development at the expense of upstream farmers and communities is just plain wrong.

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