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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Darrell Vanyo on Diversion Assessment District

Darrell Vanyo (FMDA)

If bending the truth to the breaking point were considered an artform, then Darrell Vanyo must dream of wielding his brush like a master.

In a way, we have to thank Vanyo.

As a spokesperson for the FMDA (Fargo Dam and FM Diversion Authority) he offers up all kinds of nuggets.

For instance, he referred to a MN DNR letter (read more…) breaking off talks with the FMDA. The letter obviously fell into the FMDA Media Blackout category to suppress anything non-flattering that relates to the proposed project. Regardless, it all boiled down to the FMDA being disingenuous in efforts to find a Plan B to protect the metro area and the MN DNR called them on it.

There is obvious push-back against the rigged diversion assessment for a number of reasons, but the attempts to deflect and redirect public opinion away from focusing on the corrupt assessment vote does not erase the legacy of parochialism and imperialism.

Listen to the following clip:

Listen:  June 14, 2017 Audio Clip – Flag AM 1100
Darrell Vanyo, Cass Co. Appointee – FMDA
Darrell Vanyo, Cass Co. Appointee – FMDA: “…uhh…, Cass County Joint Water…, …uhh…, …uhh…, Board, …uhh… is the one who formulated the special assessment district, that was not put together by the diversion authority…”

Isn’t it curious that Vanyo appears more concerned about who gets credit or blamed for formulating the rigged assessment vote than he is about how the taxpayer got taken advantage of…?

So let’s look at the facts.

This is really an incestuous story of participants that “wear many hats” in a quasi-state of conflict of interest and treat the hats like some sort of split personality in a feigned attempt to justify their actions.

The FMDA currently has six different boards and committees listed on their website.

Ironically, CCJWRD (Cass County Joint Water Resource District) has two of its five members serving on more than one FMDA board or committee.

However, the CCJWRD didn’t actually formulate the assessment district. That was done by DPAC (Diversion Project Assessmnet Committee), which is an 11 member ad-hoc sub-committee of the 5 member CCJWRD.

So in total, the 11 members of DPAC represented 32 seats across 8 boards and committees…, with the sole purpose of rigging an assessment district vote to guarantee that residential and commercial property owners would have only 41 percent of the potential votes.

DPAC members that formulated the diversion assessment district?

Rodger Olson 6 seats
Mark Brodshaug 5 seats
Mary Scherling 5 seats
Pat Zavoral 3 seats
Dan Jacobson 2 seats
Michael R. Buringrud 2 seats
Raymond Wolfer 2 seats
Mark Bittner 2 seats
Kent Costin 2 seats
Michael Montplaisir 2 seats
Jim Brownlee 1 seat
Total Seats 32 seats


Don’t forget, Rocky Scheider (AE2S) and Mary Scherling (Cass County) carried the water for the $16,500 in PAC money they received, during the 2012 County Commission Race, from the Realtors PAC of ND and the North Dakota Association of Builders. On January 23, 2014 – Rocky Schneider of AE2S recommended to DPAC that indirect benefits should be assigned. Mary Scherling moved that DPAC usurp a majority of a property owners vote representation and transfer it to local governing entities.

In short, Mary Scherling threw EVERY TAXPAYER in Cass County under the bus for Fargo’s development project disguised as flood control. Of course, if she wouldn’t, some other shill would have.

So Darrell, while “technically” the FMDA “didn’t formulate” the diversion assessment district, the assessment district exists solely to benefit the FMDA project, had several members serving on multiple FMDA boards and committees and the DPAC meeting minutes clearly state:


Well…, would you look at that. “Diversion” is even in the title…


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2 Responses to “ Darrell Vanyo on Diversion Assessment District ”

  1. Talk about a “incestuous relationship” between all proponents of the “Flood Someone Else Diversion.” Just one big happy family.

  2. and do include the mayor of fargo running big shot over this, I will not be doing any shopping in fargo after this. I have been reaching out to people not to do any business in fargo. thank you Ron Affield.

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