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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Temporary or Permanent Impacts

This is one face of destruction - leading a terrible transgression against the ND State Constitution and Executive Order 11988.

Again and again we hear the FM Diversion/Dam must do this or that to store water “temporarily” south of the diversion channel in times of high floods.

Aaron Snyder will not mention that the permanent effects of the project are “– buying out and relocating between 800 and 1200 structures upstream, between 200-400 are house holds.”

The permanent uprooting of cities and farms is not in the language of the propaganda machine. He has only the courage to talk about the “temporary” effects of the impacts to those who are not part of the problem.

He will not admit that Fargo city and county have allowed developers to build in the flood plain for years. Now they are unwilling to admit that by
building in the flood plain, they have brought this on themselves. They fully intend to continue doing such with or with out the project.

Aaron Snyder will not consider the alternatives that may reduce the extent of the upstream impacts.

Cited Source: Infrastructure will need to be raised to accommodate diversion.

This is one face of destruction – leading a terrible transgression against the North Dakota State Constitution and Presidential Executive Order 11988.

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