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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Cronyism or Just Plain Cuckoo?

How are you "impacted" directly?

How are you "impacted" directly?

Darrell Vanyo, Cass County Commissioner and Diversion Authority Chairman, displays incompetence, insolence and propensity for cronyism in one short outburst during the Jay Thomas Show on 970 WDAY AM during an interview with Nathan Berseth, MNDak Upstream Coalition.

You really can’t make this stuff up. This is the “ever present” dirty side of Imperial Fargo – Imperial Cass- Imperial Diversion Authority that oozes from the lousy public outreach propaganda that is so akin to these “decision makers”.

At some point these players became so morally bankrupt that they abandoned the Golden Rule, only to adopt a less empathetic philosophy of “do unto others, because you can”. Self serving political opportunists that justify their actions by claiming they are representing a majority, which ironically, do not fully support the proposed project.

In youth, we call these social deviants bullies, as they get older they are considered predators and when they achieve wealth and power they become tyrants.

Before you listen to the following clip, remind yourself that Darrell Vanyo is an elected public servant and the appointed chairman of the Fargo Diversion Authority.

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Darrell Vanyo: …and Mr. Berseth can I ask you how you’re impacted by the diversion directly?
Nathan Berseth: How am I impacted by the…absolutely…
Darrell Vanyo: …are you impacted in your four piece parcels of land in any way, directly impacted, negatively by the diversion?

The temerity of an elected official to ask if a person is directly impacted, underscores how incompetent, indifferent and out of touch these decision makers have really become.

From the very fundamental nature of choosing a representative, whether it is grass roots organizations, township, city, county, state or federal level, we elect or appoint people to speak on our behalf.

When people, such as Darrell Vanyo, become drunk with their power – they begin to believe they are un-accountable to the people, yet profess they are serving the people by providing preferential treatment to one set of people over another. The mere fact that these imbeciles attempt to justify the rightness of their cause based on the greater number they represent is a fundamental character flaw.

Where is the county representation for residents of Pleasant Township in District 5? Apparently, Mary Scherling is supposed to speak on our behalf, yet never campaigned or darkened a doorway to hear our concerns. There are reports that she has skulked around a few meetings, however, has never presented herself in an official county commissioner capacity to hear our concerns or speak on our behalf.

So here we are…, we have a blithering idiot attacking MNDak board members that represent several MNDak members who reside in Cass county, something that District 5 Commissioner Mary Scherling has woefully neglected, and the alleged premise is that if you are not directly affected…, you don’t have the right to speak?

If that is the case then the entire Cass County Commission should be disbanded because they are making decisions on matters that do not “personally” affect them.

Let’s go one further. If the premise that Darrell Vanyo is suggesting is that only directly impacted people have the right to speak, we should not need to elect state senators or congressional representative because they are speaking on issues where they are not “personally” affected.

The thing that resonates so profoundly from Imperial Fargo – Imperial Cass – Imperial Diversion Authority is they are frustrated that anyone dare oppose their pet project or the cronyism behind their unanimous votes to relocate Fargo’s current flood issue onto others.

This is precisely where Darrell Vanyo and others fail so miserably in public outreach.

Rural upstream interests rely on each other as a support network. It is neighbors helping neighbors and people speaking for those that cannot. We look out for the general welfare of our communities. We do not have a city government to fix all our problems or an imposed flood tax contrived to pick-pocket shoppers for purported flood protection designed to foster natural flood plain development.

If there is any question about the “legal” manipulation being used to avoid representing the wishes of property owners impacted by the proposed Fargo Dam and FM Diversion listen to this clip:

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So you feel you can completely ignore the wishes of your constituents with a legal loophole…, and still have the temerity to suggest that only those directly impacted by the diversion have a right to speak.

Darrell, ’round these parts, that’s called hypocrisy… and if you can’t see that…, you’re just plain cuckoo!

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