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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Fargo Flooding More Fabrication Than Flood

Fargo's Fictitious Flood
When local officials like Mayor Dennis Walaker, Deputy Mayor Tim Mahoney, Diversion Chair Darrel Vanyo and County Administrator Keith Berndt buy into “pop science” the ramifications can be far reaching and the effects long terms.

But when “voodoo science”, like “Global Warming” produces non-factual results and the entire $2+ billion Fargo Dam and FM Diversion proposal is based on the theory that things are only going to get worse…, how does reality even enter the realm of discussion?

No Global Warming for 16 years

Fargo and the USACE have utilized “experts” to derive data sets that would manufacture “evidence” for an “opinion” based on climate and hydrologic uncertainty for the Fargo Dam and FM Diversion proposal.

Since the ENTIRE period of record did not support the argument desired, the EOE panel admittedly changed how they arrived at their conclusions.



Climate and Hydrologic Uncertainty To address the climate and hydrologic uncertainty
that was identified in Phase 1, an Expert Opinion Elicitation (EOE) panel was convened
in September 2009. The panel consisted of six panel members and five invited observers
with expertise related to hydrology or climatology.

The panel thought that traditional hydrologic analyses using the entire period of
record (including both dry and wet times) would underestimate flood flows expected
over the period of analysis.


The panel thought that traditional hydrologic analyses using the entire period of record would underestimate flood flows expected over the period of analysis. -?-

…so, a completely untested, unproven method is utilized by hand picked experts who’ve admitted they manipulated the study period which allowed them to arrive at the desired results…, and our local leaders are doing right by the taxpayer, …how?

None of the “conclusions” used as evidence in support of the Fargo Dam and FM Diversion addresses heavy summer rainfalls and flash flooding.

There is NO supporting evidence, especially regionally, that snowfalls have been greater in volume and water content in correlation to years studied by the panel of experts.

The only thin evidence that Fargo has to support the theory of “wet period” is the exceedance of the 18′ flood stage (19′ below any threatened structures) every year since 1993. (EXCEPT for 2012, which totally blows the overused Fargo Diversion Authority public relations ploy) Which has more to do with development encroachment and displacement of water from the natural flood plain, than any additional flood threats created by mother nature.

The only FACT is that people keep trying to build where water naturally goes and somehow the threat of flooding, which is natural occurrence, has become an adherent in the Fargo Diversion Authority corrupted mantra based on the teachings of false leaders.

The truly sad part is, Fargo and the Diversion Authority could be focusing on completing internal protection “at all costs”…, but then again, how could they retain the fear they use to hold people hostage for a bigger, more expensive, more destructive project?

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