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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Dave Gingrey Comments to the USACE re: Fargo Moorhead Dam and Diversion

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Dave Gingrey Comments USACE FEIS Fargo Moorhead Dam and Diversion


U.S. Anny Corps of Engineers
7701 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA

Dear Sirs;

The 100 year and 500 year flood levels have been known for decades yet the City of Fargo has allowed and even promoted development in the flood plain. At the same time they have failed to include flood protection in their development plans to guard against such flood levels.

Now that the reality of such epic floods is becoming more and more likely they feel they have the right to go outside the city limits and take property that doesn’t belong to them to solve their problem, a problem caused by their own irresponsible actions. It is unethical to expect county residents outside the City of Fargo to sacrifice their property and livelihoods for the benefit of Fargo and it is unethical for the Army Corps of Engineers to be part of any such plan. If the City of Fargo wants a diversion then it should be the entity making the sacrifices. The diversion should be constructed within the city limits of Fargo.

Dave Gingrey

Gardner, ND 58036

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