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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Special Kind of Stupid

Oxbow Hickson Bakke Anonynous Affected Landowner Survey

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It takes a special kind of stupid to spring an unprecedented impact on property owners just days after a tax vote in 2010.

It takes another special kind of stupid to turn around and push a ring dike on the very same property owners that were told they had no choice and that their property will be taken by force under eminent for Fargo’s economic development – without following a just and democratic process and a genuine vote with a voice for those negatively affected.

If you click the image to the right, you will see a document titled – “Anonymous Affected Landowner Survey”.

Question 2 is of particular interest because it shows how slanted the process really is. Offering two bad choices without the democratic option of “neither” is just another example of how Fargo, the Diversion Authority and Corps of Engineer is attempting to mislead ND and federal lawmakers into believing there is genuine unfettered land owner buy-in.

Fargo and the Diversion Authority are sadistically wringing their hands thinking they’ve created a political ultimatum for residents of Bakke, Hickson and Oxbow, ND with the proposal of a ring dike to allegedly safeguard the communities from flood events. However, the fools that contrived the concept fail to understand that the size of the proposed ring dike ushers in many new dangers to the properties that it allegedly protects.

Even worse is the subjective and manipulative process in how Fargo, Cass County, the Diversion Authority and Corps of Engineers is attempting to pressure residents to acquiesce to a ruthless proposal in order to find relief for a financial impact created by Fargo, the Diversion Authority and the Corps of Engineers.

It raises the question of how Fargo leaders plan on telling Fargo property owners that they will be footing the bill for a $50-$100 million dollar project (outside Fargo city limits) along with additional annual maintenance costs whether or not the Fargo Dam and FM Diversion ever gets approval.

At present, the Diversion Authority is being tight lipped about who or how the relocation’s or buyouts will be handled for those outside the footprint of the ring dike. Will those property owners be required to relocate inside the protected area? Or will those properties be given an early buyout so that they receive immediate relief from the financial blight being caused by the mere proposal of the Fargo Dam and FM Diversion?

Is it just to provide a buyout for certain properties and leave the rest of the affected properties to fend for themselves?

What will Fargo and the Diversion Authority do if 55 homes in Bakke, 13 in Hickson and 40 of 105 in Oxbow elect a buyout rather than a ring dike?

Also, of specific concern is the “special kind of stupid” on the behalf of Cass County by suggesting they will usurp the rights of property owners in Bakke and Hickson, ND to determine their own fate.

After 2 years of harassment coming from Fargo, Cass County, the Diversion Authority and the Corps of Engineers…, it will take a special kind of stupid to buy into another empty promise issued by the aforementioned.

All have proven by their actions they lack the compassion, empathy and integrity to keep their word and make affected property owners whole. Or have we already forgotten that Cass County and the Diversion Authority failed to keep its promise and make Kindred School District “whole” for property devaluations which lead to the remaining Kindred taxpayers getting stuck with Fargo’s bill?

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