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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Forum “Objectivity” Offers Little Ethical Merit

Fargo Forum Media Bias

I am writing in response to the Diversion Authority spoon-fed version of the Fargo Forum’s Editorial “Oxbow Ring Dike a Winner”.

To answer the Forum’s question, yes, Bakke Subdivision, Hickson, & even many Oxbow residents are paying close attention to what this ring dike truly means. Many questions and concerns have been brought forward to the Diversion Authority by the Bakke/Hickson representatives to which we still are awaiting answers.

The Forum referred to Oxbow as a “flood-prone community”. This seems highly inaccurate since the Oxbow Country Club has been advertising its golf course as “Flood Free,” and the Bakke and Hickson communities have NEVER flooded. What is the Forum’s definition of “flood-prone?”
The Forum states how the “real estate market has staged an impressive comeback” due to the proposed ring dike. Seems to me, the Federal lawsuit filed by the Richland/Wilkin County JPA could very well have been the true reason behind this comeback. Also, the Forum never once provided insightful details on if these homes received their original full home values upon sale or how many homes are still awaiting sale.
The Forum also stated, “It’s a significant gesture of goodwill…that areas impacted by the flood protection project will be mitigated…” Goodwill!? This has nothing to do with goodwill. This is about Fargo and the Diversion Authority trying to mute the noise and the objection coming from the south. It is about them trying to take pressure off their highly flawed plan to remove Fargo lands from the flood plain. It is about them continuing to impose their will on others. Bakke and Hickson were asked to vote on two different occasions and both times the residents answered a resounding, “NO!” How is it goodwill, when, by erecting this ring dike, the majority of residents do NOT want the dike, the residents are not guaranteed the full value of their homes, the Diversion Authority is leaving them with unknown maintenance costs, potential internal drainage issues, and residents will only have ONE emergency exit for close to 200 homes if there ever should be a breach in the dike?

Another statement, “…the sale of homes in Oxbow is a sign that the project will accommodate upstream neighbors”. The only accommodation provided is giving Oxbow a new PRIVATE golf course, a new PRIVATE club house with pool, and inclusion of additional land for their future development – all for $65 million of taxpayer money. Why is the Diversion Authority putting the “cart ahead of the horse” when a ring dike is NOT needed unless the diversion is fully constructed and operational?

I wonder if Fargo taxpayers would have voted differently if they knew tens of millions of their sales tax dollars was going for an unnecessary ring dike and to subsidize a private country club instead of funding their own much needed internal flood protection?

Kristi Houska
Bakke Subdivision

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2 Responses to “ Forum “Objectivity” Offers Little Ethical Merit ”

  1. The Forum should also clarify that wage earning families need not even think about finding a moderate priced home or building lot in this Chia Pet community.

    There will be no flooded farmsteads relocated here either.

    This is being designed exclusively for the vertical nosed country club set, complete with restrictive covenants, easements and golf course assessments. All supported by flood tax dollars.

    The only average Joe you see in this new addition will be the people collecting the trash or mowing the fairways.

  2. It is all about “building up and not down.” Of course the country club set says what is up and what is down. The 99% is again asked to provide for the 1% .

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