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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

FM Dam and Diversion Hardship Policy Needs and Suggestions

Hardship Created by the Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion

The proposed Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion affects property owners in many unique ways. Even though no “official” project exists and the 112th congress has not funded the proposed dam and diversion, the economic impact exerted by the proposed project has left nearly the entire population of Pleasant Township, ND as potential dislocated property owners with limited options to sell or refinance their properties as a result of the willful destruction of the last natural flood plain adjacent to Fargo, ND.

In addition, negative financial impact is being exerted into Richland county, ND and also southern Clay and Wilkin county, MN.

The USACE, City of Fargo, City of Moorhead, Cass and Clay county officials and Diversion Authority (non-elected officials) have recklessly injured property owners outside the proposed project area in multiple ways, including but not limited to:

• creation of a fettered and combative real estate atmosphere relating to
  property ownership and exchange.

• lack of clear and concise policy and closure options to provide relief to
  affected property owners.

• devaluation of property equity, without removal of obligation relating to
  said property.

• gross negligence for financial impacts and lack of adequate funding to

• lack of representation capable of preserving property rights of those
  impacted by the proposed project.

• undue stress and emotional “pain and suffering”. is providing this form to communicate specific Hardship Concerns and Suggestions to CH2M Hill, the Fargo Moorhead Dam and Metro Diversion Project manager – Tom Waters.

You are encouraged to share your hardship needs and how the proposed project negatively affects you, your property, your financial situation and overall well being.


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