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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Federal Court Refuses Fargo Diversion Authority Motion to Dismiss JPA Claims

Richland Wilkin JPA vs Fargo Diversion Authority

NEWS UPDATE: Minnesota Federal Court, Duluth, MN – April 3rd, 2014 – Federal Magistrate denies Fargo Diversion Authority’s motion to dismiss Richland Wilkin Joint Powers Authority claims filed in 2013.

Before the court was Fargo Diversion Authority’s motion to dismiss Richland Wilkin JPA claims.

Among the claims are:

• The EIS is insufficient;

• The EIS failed to deal with the
  State of Minnesota’s concern that the project is
  not ecologically sustainable;

• Is not the least impact solution;

• It does not comply with state, local and
  regional regulatory priorities;

• The FONSI – Finding of No Significant Impact issued in connection with the
  Oxbow ring dike and other modifications.

The hearing concluded with Richland Wilkin JPA being able to move forward with their complaint.

Read the entire original Richland Wilkin Claim here:
Case # 13-CF-02262 | US District Court, District of Minnesota


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