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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Fargo: Citadel Seeking Sympathy

King Denny

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In 1919, Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr handed down an opinion in the United States Supreme Court case Schenck v. United States.

The most notable point is that it is not legal to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater, and you may be arrested, because it induces panic.

If you talk about a bomb, imply there may be a bomb or yell “BOMB” on an airline, the latter being the most obvious, is not legal and under Title 49 of the U.S Legal Code (#46504) will land you in jail.

North Dakota Century Code 12.1-17-04 defines “Terrorizing” as:

“Falsely informs another that a situation dangerous to human life
or commission of a crime of violence
is imminent knowing that the information is false.”


So how is it legal for Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker, Deputy Mayor Tim Mahoney, Diversion Authority Chairman Darell Vanyo or Cass County Administrator Keith Berndt to run amok, inducing panic, with over-hyped flood projections and still fall under the protections of the offices they keep?

Every time Dennis Walaker or any of the dam and diversion ilk gets on camera or radio feigning the role of the beleaguered flood fighter “…we’re tired…”, “…if we had a diversion…”…, “…the big one is coming…”, it just increases resolve to illuminate their unscrupulous behavior.

The “Fargo Flood of 2013” was never really going to threaten the other flood crests. Why? Because the flood forecast had been padded with a “…significant rainfall event…” and an additional lack of accurate snow water equivalence data. According to the USACE, fly-over data reflected 2 inches greater water content than core sampling done with boots on the ground.

Erring on the side of caution isn’t bad. However, creating a false or inflated sense of urgency is.

Therein lies the rub! Known augmentation of conditions was suppressed to maintain a state of high alert at the expense of taxpayers in an attempt to justify a proposed project for conditions that exist as a direct result of irresponsible flood plain development.

Fargo turned into a media whore compelling sympathy for sandbaggers all the way from the Twin Cities. Local Associated Press writers fed story after story on the AP wire about the gloom and doom of Fargo’s Flood of 2013 which has resulted in newspapers and national media outlets to buy into the “BIG SHOW”.

Winston Churchill

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” ― Winston Churchill

Precisely what Fargo leaders did. They trotted their fear-mongering message far and wide to ensure that North Dakota lawmakers were duped into sympathy for Fargo demands of state tax dollars to protect the financial interests of Fargo developers and business owners.

Make absolutely no mistake. Any alleged peak crest that Fargo “claims”…,  is in “direct” relation to the amount of water “displaced” from the natural flood plain. The final crest of 2013 would have been 10 to 18 inches lower had Fargo not irresponsibly displaced the water, with development south of I-94, which would naturally populate the flood plains into the Red River.

The relationship between displacement of water and increased river crests are the most obvious fingerprints in Fargo North Dakotas crime of the century.

Fargo has the audacity to blame farmers for drainage but accepts no responsibility for relocating entire natural flood plains?

I have to hand it to Fargo’s media lemmings that are nothing more than impotent faux journalists hanging on every word from the Citadel of Fargo as though it were gospel. Dare they question the money trail, motives or actions of Imperial Fargo – Imperial Cass, lest they be cast out and forever banished from reciting the PR message they are handed.

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  1. Exactly what I thought as well. When I was a roofer the weather reports wre what you based the decision of whether or not you were working that day. I coined the term “meteorological terrorism” at that time and this is no different. They hyped and whined their way into the national news and what are they saying about the non-event now after wasting an enormous amount of money and an equally enormous amount of people’s time and effort. Do they think it won’t come back to bite them?

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