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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Class Action Suit Against Fargo

Fargo Forum’s November 15th editorial initiated several “it’s about time” conversations.

Has the Fargo Forum come to it’s senses and realized the compromised ethics behind the proposed Fargo Dam and FM Diversion or is this a contrived temporary distraction disseminated to quell opposition? << Read Forum River Setback Editorial >>

Yet…, something doesn’t ring true to the standardized mantra that the Fargo Forum chants in support of the alleged diversion project.

The points are simple.

#1) The break from using the distorted 2009 flood as the benchmark and returning to the 100 plus
     year flood that Fargo metro area factually experienced in 1997.

#2) Touching on river lots as a successful program, yet ignoring the issues created by the river
     properties that remain.

#3) Hinting that city builders and developers have compromised various public officials due
     diligence, yet failing to explore the Chicago style “considerations” and “favors” that accompany
     reckless development of flood prone areas?

( Enter the villain! ) The threat of legal entanglement by a property owner that is bent on building where they shouldn’t as Fargo and Cass county stand idly by playing their Pontious Pilate role with all it’s dishonor.

Fargo's Magic 8 Ball

Fargo's Secret Weapon for Economic Development

So here we are…, the Fargo Forum seemingly taking a responsible stance on the idiocy and corruption of Fargo and Fargo’s use of a Magic 8 Ball approach to future development and legal decisions.

**sniff sniff**

Sorry, it doesn’t pass the sniff test.

How is it possible for one sole property
    owner threatening a lawsuit to have the
    city lift river set back restrictions?

Who is this sole property owner connected
    to…, making it possible for them to subvert
    river setback policy?

Why is it possible for one sole property owner to encroach on the floodway and floodplain, in
    direct opposition to FEMA stating that floodways and adjacent floodplains should be kept
    FREE of encroachment?

It appears that Fargo only responds to harsh measures. With potentially 5,500+ downstream and upstream litigants against Fargo, perhaps a $5.5 billion dollar or greater clash action suit against Fargo is necessary to compensate downstream and upstream property owners for financial impacts, duress and blight in addition to sending a wake up call to city and county officials too incompetent to reign in developers that are creating a clear and present danger to the residents of both Fargo and the entire region for allowing development in flood prone areas.

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2 Responses to “ Class Action Suit Against Fargo ”

  1. What the amazing part of this story is the fact of historical flooding of the Red River at Fargo that includes 13 approximate flood stages since 1944, ( hand out from the Sept., 13 Diversion Authority meeting).

    One can only conclude that the government is not capable of providing controls on growth. As Fargo continues to expand into the flood plain.

    Tax payers local, state and federal have paid mightily for this lack of due diligence and it remind us again of the definition of cancer, Uncontrolled Growth.

  2. Count me in.

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