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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

The Black Cloud, Fargo Moorhead Dam and Diversion

Labeling and profiling is the easy way for media to sway public sentiment.

Despite the financial falterings the Fargo Moorhead Dam and Diversion “is” and “will continue to” experience, the uneducated belief that a Dam and Diversion is the “only solution” for Fargo Moorhead underscores how little proponents have read the FEIS and really how little they know about the inconsistencies and dangers behind the USACE project presented as the LPP.

Darrell Vanyo, chairman of the Diversion Board of Authority is perhaps the most in need of reading and comprehending the FEIS and supporting documentation.

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In five short months of 2011, Darrell Vanyo goes from writing a letter to Richland County trying to convince them that there would be no impacts south of Highway 46, to the chairman of the Diversion Board of Authority that is trying to send water up to 14 miles into neighboring Richland, ND and Wilkin, MN counties.

Darrell Vanyo’s recent rant in the Fargo Forum suggests that the chairman responsible for the inconsistencies still hasn’t fully comprehended the information contained in the FEIS.

So Mr Vanyo…,

Q: how is it that levee’s and dike’s cannot be built to 500 year flood events, when the Dam and Diversion (levee) you propose is allegedly built to that level? (pick any of the 500 year flood elevations in the FEIS which range 3.95 ft apart)
Q: how can levee’s and dike’s not provide greater than 50 year protection, however, a ring levee and dike system around Fargo Moorhead could work?
Q: how can you pretend that a levee and dike system around Fargo Moorhead would exceed the current dam and diversion price tag, when the alternative was never financially explored and presented to the public? (however, it’s okay to spend over $36,825 per structure in Fargo for a high risk dam and in-adequate flood protection)

The biased sentiment towards opponents of the Fargo Moorhead Dam and Diversion makes it easy to ignore the real threat that diversion officials pose to residents within the metro area. It is the only way for diversion officials to assess, compartmentalize and dismiss issues that they are ill equipped to handle.

So “The Black Cloud” that are the “opponents” embrace your elitist class warfare!

We are taxpaying Americans defending their right to protect their properties against an aggressive and invasive land grab for developers that are acquainted with metro officials.

The Black Cloud
Marcus Larson (2012)


The Black Cloud, The Ominous Sentinel,
portent of future, or what befell.

Rights of landowners, being cast aside,
Fargo’s aggression, is their pride.

We meet the challenge, with swords unsheathed,
we are communities, we are not beneath,

We stand with backs, braced ready for battle,
rest assured, we’ll bring more than prattle.

2 billion dollars and rising fast,
Fargo is squandering the riches of futures past.

Prey on the fears of 500 years, the flood that may never be,
The Black Cloud denies your pitiful bid, to be favored in history.

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