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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Fargo Diversion Project Could Fail

Kevin Campbell, Clay County Commissioner

Kevin Campbell, Clay County Commissioner

Was it a momentary lapse of transparency for Clay county Commissioner and Fargo Diversion Authority Outreach Committee member Kevin Campbell in stating that levees can fail or a feigned attempt at “poor us” we need protection and here’s a “what if” scenario?

In an August 10th, 2014 Fargo Forum article, Kevin Campbell made clear statements about levees.

“Levees can fail…”
“What if the levee breaks on the Minnesota side…?”

The current Fargo Dam and FM Diversion proposal calls for approximately 12 miles of earthen tie-back levee/dam, nearly 6 miles of tie-back levee in Minnesota to dam the Wild Rice, Red River and Wolverton Creek.

The bemoaning of Moorhead’s permanent internal flood protection risks raises serious questions of why Campbell didn’t raise concerns about Minnesota flood-walls, dikes and levees during their construction. Furthermore, why isn’t Campbell raising similar questions about the Class 1 High Hazard dam(s) associated with the project that creates a new and unique concentrated flood threat to the entire metro area, which could release 150,000 acre feet of staged water onto Moorhead residents if the man-made structure(s) were to fail.

Even more disconcerting is commissioner Campbell’s admission that levees could fail, yet as a pro-diversion fanatic, expects the communities of Oxbow, Hickson and Bakke to reside behind levees ( up to 12 feet below the max pool depth ) to accommodate Fargo’s land grab which is the intentional encroachment and development of the last natural flood plain south of Fargo, ND.

Kevin Campbell’s willingness as a Clay county commissioner and Fargo Diversion Authority “outreach” member – to be steering billions of Minnesota future economic development towards a Fargo, ND land grab, that places impacts squarely onto Minnesota interests, raises moral and ethical flags of concern.

Where do Kevin Campbell’s loyalties truly lay and at what price?

It appears the Fargo Diversion Authority reflexive allegations of non-supporters being uninformed is more or less a case of personal reflection rather than any astute observed fact.

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2 Responses to “ Fargo Diversion Project Could Fail ”

  1. is kevin running for reelection this fall?

  2. Hoe is preparation for a 100 and 500 year drought taking shape????? We have a State owned Bank, Mill and Elevator. Why not a state own Water facilitation plant. We could bottle and sell it , not get rid of it..When the drought hits, I guess we will get our water from the Missouri River…I assume they will not have a drought and will gladly send us all the water we need….or is this about just us now, what about the future water needs of you far,ers that want to pass land to family. All I here is this bad water needs yo get outmof here into Canada……I assume the valley has never experienced a drought. I have a child growing up on a farm and 10 bu. Oats does not work out well and cutting barley for straw….
    Give this some thought.

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