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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Diverting the Truth: Diversion Authority Propaganda Machine

Fargo  ND Propaganda Machine


Talk 101.9 FM reported that Dennis Walaker had a set down to meet with the editorial board of the Fargo Forum. (The same paper that Dennis Walaker inferred he could dictate front page content and name diversion opponents)

Since that time several articles have been published in support of the Diversion:

• First there was the sales tax piece and
  all the threats that everyone’s (no one
  excluded) insurance would go up and
  their property taxes would go up
  dramatically if the sales tax infrastructure
  wasn’t passed by the citizens.

• Next of which is the article from a
  reporter based in Grand Forks who did
  a piece on how wonderful the folks who
  were forced to sell their homes for new
  flood protection were enjoying the park
  created in their honor.

• Next a piece showing the Gracious
  Hardship buyouts for those in the Diversions impacted area (which is limited to those in bad
  health, economic reasons not included, like loss of job or moving for work, refinancing issue,
  balloon payments).

• Yet another was a piece on dredging and the options that were rejected early on without
  full study.

General optimism would encourage one to try and dismiss the talk of Walaker’s ability to manipulate front page content of the forum and the editorial board, but recent evidence is illustrating that optimism is a hasty decision easily eroded by reality.

All of these recent points appear as active propaganda in support of the diversion. Each of the items don’t appear to have any investigative depth applied to them either by the Diversion Authority or appear as push pieces in support of the plan of choice, none of which appear to cost the city of Fargo and Diversion Authority a dime to receive.

Makes one go hmmm…

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One Response to “ Diverting the Truth: Diversion Authority Propaganda Machine ”

  1. Add to that list Kristan Daum’s article on last weeks legislative committee hearing. She went to great length to list and describe the pro-dam presenters and their arguments. Even weighed in to try to argue that reservoir land can still be farmed . Yet when the chairman of the Richland County Commission stood to to list the counties, cities, townships and school districts from two states that have joined in opposition: she omits any mention of Commissioner Miller, Richland County, or the Joint Powers Authority. I don’t think the term “propaganda” overstates what we are seeing here.

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