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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Cass County Brazenly Corrupted by Greed and Power

Keith Berndt Cass County Administrator
When voters went to the polls on November 2nd, 2010 to cast their votes on whether a one-half of one percent (1/2%) sales, use, and gross receipts tax should be passed for engineering, land purchase, construction, and maintenance of a Red River Diversion and other flood control measures – it was generally understood that “other flood control measures” would be to have supplies ready for the entire population of Cass County, and not just for the “moat” around the imperial kingdom of Fargo.

However, the Fargo Fool’em article dated March 22, 2013 titled “Cass County to Start Filling Sandbags Next Week” paints a very different picture.

Keith Berndt, County Administrator

If residents want to fill their own bags at home, the county will charge $100 per 1,000 bags, and a county truck will bring sand to the designated site…

If residents from subdivisions volunteer to make sandbags, they will be provided with bags free of charge…


So the tax dollars that are being pumped into the flood tax are being raised for what…?

It seems a bit garish to coerce residents of subdivisions to “serve” the benefit of totalitarians that have contrived a way to re-tax residents either financially or physically.

Perhaps it is time to remind Cass County that “had” the county commission taken the initiative and required Fargo to build to 42.5′ before receiving access to additional county tax coffers, that the county would not be facing an “over-hyped” multi-front flood forecast due to Fargo’s negligent development plans.

Fargo doesn’t need multiple high hazard dams and an irresponsible diversion alignment.

Fargo needs permanent dikes and levees built to 42.5′ before considering any further natural flood plain destruction.

All anyone has to do is watch how closely Cass County falls all over themselves to serve Fargo’s wishes while placing the rest of Cass County taxpayers in the acceptable loss column – to identify where the commissions true loyalties are aligned.

…and the newly elected Cass County commissioner Mary Scherling has made contact with “whom” in Pleasant Township – regarding upcoming flood preparations and coordination?

{ cue: “Jeopardy” theme music }

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