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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

J&K Taxidermy letter to MNDak Upstream Coalition

J&K Taxidermy Letter to MNDak

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Jody & Karla Slusher


MnDak Upstream Coalition

We have enclosed a check to help fund the fight against the proposed diversion,

Our position has always been that we weren’t in favor of the diversion even when we were on the “dry” side of the previously preferred alignment. We have friends and neighbors to the south of us that would have been adversely affected by a “dam diversion”. Never did we think that the diversion authority would have taken this project as far as they have.

We have built our property high enough to protect our structures from flooding even though our property retains water on it for a short period of time during a major flood. We know what we have to do to protect ourselves and are glad to do it as we love our location for both our home and our business as well.

We have to admit that we were somewhat “ignorant” to the extent of negative impacts basin wide . The more we learn the more this proposed diversion makes absolutely no sense at all.

The public really needs to be better educated on all aspects concerning the diversion. We think most people feel that it is too bad what is happening to the upstream communities but that it doesn’t affect them. We are realizing that if this diversion were to materialize it will affect a huge number of people that didn’t realize they would be affected in a negative way. It appears to be more widespread than what the general public is aware of.

We appreciate what you are doing to protect us all. Keep up the fight.

Thank you.
Jody & Karla J Slusher

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