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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Please put me on the list Mr Mayor Walaker

Please put me on the list Mr Mayor Walaker - Editorial

Please put me, my family and most of the 300 hundred other North Dakorta and Minnesota citizens who oppose the Fargo Moorhead Dam and Diversion on the front page of the Fargo Forum. We are opposed to the construction of a high hazard dam that is built to remove the flood insurace requirements to faciltate the expansion of Fargo into the natural flood plain. We support the effort to reduce the flood risk for citizens of the Red River Valley from the threat of a 500 year flood. We would appreciate, Mr Mayor, if you would list the real drivers of this boondoggle. Please do not insult us with the list of goverment agencies which are acting under the influence of the drivers of this bondoggle.

Mayor Walaker Warns Diversion Opponents
by Kim Kressin, Reporter
January 13, 2012

The F–M diversion plan is now in the hands of congress, but one local leader says if the plan doesn’t pass, he’ll be the first to place blame on those who opposed it in the first place.
Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker delivered what he considers a warning at this week’s State of the Cities event, and some local residents are firing back.
After proclaiming a positive future for Fargo in the coming year, Mayor Walaker left people silent after saying these words in regards to the F–M diversion plan.
“If it fails, I don’t think any of you want to go on the front page of the Forum as I point fingers at the people who stopped this project. That’s a warning as far as I’m concerned,” said Walaker.
If the diversion receives the go ahead from Washington, towns like Oxbow, North Dakota could be wiped straight off the map by the raging Red.
Oxbow Mayor Jim Nyhoff says he hopes the plan is approved, but says if his town is wiped out, he’ll be placing some blame of his own.
“The complete loss of it, to me, is devastating and that’s the last thing I want. I’ll stand on the front page of the paper, too, and point at the person who took Oxbow away from me,”said Nyhoff.
Some residents who would be affected by the proposed diversion say Walaker’s words were way out of line.
“To so-call put a threat or a warning on us because we’re protecting our community was totally unbelievable. To say if you continue to fight for you home and stop this project, we’ll put you in the paper,” said Elmer Bakke development resident, Dennis Biewer.
Biewer says he understands the need for protection, but argues that there needs to be more research before work on a diversion starts.
“They are just destroying so much that people have worked their whole lives for. So many of the dreams people have worked their whole lives for,” Biewer added.
It looks like whether the diversion passes or not, there will be a few disapproving fingers pointed somewhere. Kim
Mayor Walaker did acknowledge that he and the flood mitigation committee are looking into solutions for regions that would be affected by the diversion.


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2 Responses to “ Please put me on the list Mr Mayor Walaker ”

  1. Mayor Walaker’s true colors are showing — he’s just a bully!

  2. Feel free to put my name on the front page of the Forum!

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