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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Kevin Campbell Doesn’t Use Common Sense

Clay County commissioner candidate Kevin Campbell openly admitted that he does not trust common sense.

So if one does not trust common sense, is it fair to say one probably does not use it.

Kevin Campbell

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Perhaps that is why Kevin Campbell and Nancy Otto voted to approve the $211 million 2015 Fargo Diversion Authority budget further advancing the the project for which Minnesota has not completed its environmental review.

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During MN Gov, Mark Dayton’s September 3rd, 2014 visit to Moorhead, MN Dayton made it expressly clear that only himself and MN DNR commissioner Tom Landwehr would be speaking on Minnesota’s behalf regarding this project.

It will be interesting to see if other voting members from Moorhead city council, Clay county and Buffalo Red watershed district will defy MN Gov. Mark Dayton and find themselves willfully derelict and capable of obligating Minnesota state monies they are not authorized to spend.

Campbell and Otto had three options.

• Vote Yes (defying MN Gov Dayton)
• Vote No
• Abstain

Campbell and Otto should not be urging other Minnesota voting entities to advance the project before the MN DNR has completed its review, conducted its public comment period and issued its determination on the permitting.

Fargo taxpayers, especially those with new flood insurance requirement should be up in arms over Fargo channeling funds towards the wholly unnecessary OHB ring dike-levee project and new golf course holes, clubhouse and swimming pool before completing internal Fargo flood protections, like the 2nd street flood-wall.

As Minnesota voters begin casting their absentee ballots, it will be interesting to see how voters feel about the actions of Kevin Campbell and other Clay county election candidates.

How’s that for common sense?

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One Response to “ Kevin Campbell Doesn’t Use Common Sense ”

  1. Farmers south of Fargo should boycot Mac’s Hardware and start shopping in Wahpeton where their dollars would be more appreciated. Kevin Campbell works at Mac’s Hardware and maybe hitting him where it hurts, his bank account will make him respect the farmers south of Fargo-Moorhead more.

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