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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

2016 Fargo, ND Flood Forecast

1997 Flood Plain Pre-Development and Encroachment

1997 Flood Plain Pre-Development and Encroachment

On Jan 29, 2016, Patrick Springer of the Fargo Forum reported Greg Gust, a weather service meteorologist as saying: ““We probably saw the end of that wet period,” “The question is, what’s next.”

Is this really news?

Is this really a good thing?

Dry years spur irresponsible development and encroachment into the natural flood plain that affects property owners in Fargo during flood years.

In 1969 the peak river flow was 25,300 cfs.

That same 25,300 cfs flow in 2009 was 25.2 inches HIGHER on the river gage.

Same amount of water, yet development into the natural flood plain displaced enough water to create mandatory flood insurance requirements for many property owners not previously flood prone.

Responsible civic leaders and officials would have restricted development in the area pictured.

But instead, the irresponsible talking heads built mutli million dollar schools to drive development where flood water poses the greatest risk.

Then these talking heads propose greater development encroachment further into high risk areas and expect people to subsidize high risk development with sales taxes, extended sales taxes, property assessments and bonding from FOR PROFIT investment firms with the sole payees being the taxpayers and property owners.

In 22 years, Fargo spent only $36.9 million fighting floods, yet they’ve spent over $262 million, in 5 years, on Class 1 High Hazard dam and diversion project without having turned a shovel of dirt…

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2 Responses to “ 2016 Fargo, ND Flood Forecast ”

  1. Yeah I heard about that after the last big flood. HERE is a 100% sure fire way to cure idiocy! First you take the people who issued the permits and fire them all and make THEM pay part of the cost.THEN you make the developers and banks who loaned them the money and the realtors who have a stake in it pay the rest! Make them pay for ANY flood control, damage, dike building, dike disassembly, dont make the TAX payers pay for it, MAKE THE ONES WHO MADE THE MESS PAY FOR IT OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS! One time will be ALL it takes! If they dont want to pay for it, let them suffer the loss financially, they will LEARN when you hit them in the pocket book!

  2. Mr Darrell Vanyo keeps boasting, they have removed 700 homes and will remove 100 more.

    Who permitted those homes, many of which were build in areas at risk of flooding?

    Others were removed to provide area for levees to protect the at risk homes. The county and city take no responsibility for their lack of good governance and now want to just flood out someone else to cover up their negligence.

    This is a new game “suburban renewal,” destroy one older neighborhood to facilitate building a new neighborhood. The homeowners are the pawns in the game of government milking the homeowners for the profit for the city coffers.

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