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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

You Can Not Get There From Here

Mr. Vanyo and the Oxbow Mayor portray the ring dike for Oxbow/ Hickson/Bakke (OHB) as the Grand solution for the uncertainty they have created for their own Cass County residents.

Without the FM diversion being built, the ring dike is to provide 500 year protection for the residents of OHB and a flood-risk-free home.

The local roads leading out of the ring dike are to be raised to provide a way out, but Mr. Vanyo said I 29 is not to be raised.

Mr Vanyo did not note that since I 29 is at a lower elevation, it will be flooded out when you need protection.

You will be able to drive to Interstate 29 on the raised roads. You can go south on I 29 at HWY 46 and maybe at County 18, but north is another question.

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I29 Will Not Be Raised


Perry Miller (Moderator): “Is raising Interstate 29 going to be a part of the ring-dike project for Hickson, Bakke and Oxbow?”

Darrel Vanyo (Diversion Authority): “County road 81 and then 18 leading up to the interchange will be raised…, to my knowledge that’s it, I don’t think there’s anything else with regard to raising interstate in that area.”

Keith Berndt (Cass county Administrator): “The raising of the interstate would have to happen prior to any structure being built, any dam type structure or levee type structure to the north. But the ring levee around Oxbow, Bakke and Hickson would not necessitate raising of the interstate.”

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  1. This is a interesting thought. If I 29 is flooded out to the north before the whole project is built, if it is ever built. I 29 still can be flooded out with no access is to the north. Hwy 46 could possibility be flooded out just east of Richland County #1. If you are buying a home in Oxbow for protection and access to Fargo you may want to consider that possibility. Caution —I don’t have a elevation on the 46 bridge but it is low.

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