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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Will not help pay for Fargo’s ‘dam’

Will not help pay for Fargo’s ‘dam’ - Letter to the Editor

Will not help pay for Fargo’s ‘dam’
by author: Richard Tryhus
Originally Published Fargo Forum
Resubmitted to

Why would farmers, homeowners and rural residents threatened to be flooded by the Fargo dam (called a diversion) wish to pay a Fargo sales tax to hasten their own destruction? Fargo can only be hurting itself with these schemes. Shoppers for machinery, cars, farm supplies and groceries will forever remember this terrible threat to the survival of their farms and way of life.

In other words, why should the oppressed help the oppressor? Throughout history, this has often happened. Let’s not let this happen again. One sure outcome of this will be a movement of shopping preferences to Wahpeton, Fergus Falls, Kindred, Hawley, Casselton and yes, even Moorhead.

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