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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Why was the current alignment selected?

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Q&A - Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion

The current alignment was selected by the non-federal project sponsor to protect Fargo’s future development interests.

The design intent was to benefit as much existing development as possible, without regard to Executive Order 11988.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers allowed the non-federal sponsor to influence project location which increases impacts to the natural floodplain and the environment, while at the same time, increasing overall project costs. The USACE notes the cheaper preferred Federally Comparable Plan was rejected at the request of Fargo. Fargo urged the Diversion Authority to abandon 65 percent percent federal funding, which would have required only $305 million in local funding.

The inlet structure alignment for the Fargo Dam and Diversion was located to foster growth south of Fargo Davies High School.

Fargo further urged the Diversion Authority to reject Alternative Proposal # 3, north of the confluence of the Wild Rice and Red River, which would have saved taxpayers over $142 million and impacted only 10 homes.

West Fargo, ND was denied the same benefit of future economic development that Fargo received when the USACE refused to endorse a western alignment of the diversion channel.

Land developers south of Fargo, to be named later, will realize exponential personal financial benefit at the expense of taxpayers as a result of their lobbying efforts of County, City and Corps officials.

In general, to the extent possible, the current alignment provides direct and indirect financial benefits to Fargo in violation of EO11988 while simultaneously causing serious impacts to surrounding communities, school districts, counties and farmland.

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