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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney “OUTED” Himself

Two articles that appeared in the Fargo Forum on October 26, 2015 suggest that Fargo is beginning to realize that the overall Fargo Dam and FM Diversion project is not coming to fruition anytime in the near future.

However, its not just the words from city leaders and engineers that speak volumes…, it is referencing what they have said to known facts and conditions that really allows a glimpse of the true colors behind the architects of Fargo’s current propaganda.

Consider the following comments:

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney: “…it’s important to not go against market forces, which has led to successful neighborhoods such as Osgood in the city’s southwest…”

Nathan Boerboom, Fargo city engineer: “…staff wasn’t satisfied with results the earlier model produced; in part, because it didn’t account for obstructions in urban areas such as buildings and streets…”

April Walker, Fargo city engineer: “…City staff believe that buildings and streets actually slow down the water and cause it to back up more, which means the difference between water backed up during a natural flood and water backed up by the dikes would be small…”

Houston Engineering: “…The problem is that by preventing water from flowing through south Fargo, the dikes will cause that water to back up and increase flooding in areas south and east of the city…”

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One Response to “ Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney “OUTED” Himself ”

  1. Only a truly doctrinaire hypocrite can at the same time expound on the values of the market and then work to have big government influence the market choice of the people. With his support of a big government project to skew the market to promote growth where there is not a market for that growth he has achieved the title of hypocrite of the year.

    Hyprocrite of the Year - Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney

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