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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Clown Imposter Sighted in Fargo, ND

Mahoney the Imposter Clown

Mahoney the Imposter Clown

Fargo, ND Mayor Tim Mahoney caught impersonating a clown, attempting to predicate fear of flooding, sandbags and FEMA flood insurance to sell multi-generational tax to benefit area developers.

Not surprising: all stops must be pulled now. Fargo doesn’t accept the premise of ‘NO’, as evidenced by Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney’s baloney from his morning’s discussion with Joel Heitkamp, 790 KFGO.

“The design of the project is not subject to change” and the DNR’s rejection of their permit application won’t slow them down a bit (Dam the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!).

Mahoney the CLown was in full weasel mode as he avoided answering questions by practicing the art of meandering blather, like the assertion that “Wahpeton/Breckenridge water hits us faster” as a result of their diversion.

Something Aarron “Curly” Snyder and his corps cronies have refused to admit, but one but Mayor Blather says it’s so.

Then there’s the editorial board of The Fargo Fool’em Fishwrap being in fine form, once again providing calcium needed to strengthen/stiffen the spine of the MN DNR and Governor Dayton.

The Fargo Dam and FM Diversion project has been built on fraud and deceit, as evidenced by the county-wide sales tax vote, the promised Bakke vote, EOE, DPAC, etc.

So, will the USACE seek to trump State’s rights?

Will the sheeple of Cass County blindly extend the sales tax into future generations?

Will Moorhead Mayor Arts & Crafts commission a diversion coloring book? For these and other questions, tune in to the next episode of Days of Our Lies.

Sadly, all of the above is true, with the exception of Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney actually wearing the clown suit. His head was simply too big to fit through the collar.

PS: sincere apologies to all hard working respectable clowns everywhere who actually bring joy and happiness into lives.

Mahoney the Clown (fb)

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