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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Richland Wilkin JPA Attorney Contact Form

Richland Wilkin JPA Attorney Contact Form

Official Attorney Contact Form

Use this form if you have concerns, questions or input for
Rinke Noonan – legal counsel for the Richland Wilkin JPA.


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One Response to “ Richland Wilkin JPA Attorney Contact Form ”

  1. The Richland-Wilkin JPA has the support of the downstream impact group and many others.

    The leadership of the JPA as well as the Min Dak Upstream Coalition, Oxbow, Kindred, Richland, Hickson, Bakke, Comstock, Christine and all the other small towns and townships in Richland & Wilkin Counties and too many to name is phenomenal!

    Thank you for all you efforts to save my land, my families home and land, and all the great people of the area.

    Your dedication is needed to combat the Fargo Diversion as was said, “is just wrong”!

    Many of our friends in Fargo and Moorhead and out of the area are appalled at the idea of wiping out other communities, homes, land, etc. to trade for Fargo’s development expansion!

    Fargo has all the protection they need at this time and if more is needed I am sure they will have all the communities and public support in the Red River Valley as long as they do not abuse the rights of others.

    Thank you.

    I will help in anyway I can.

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