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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Letter: Forum Editorial Shows Clear Lack of Integrity

Brian Glaeske Letter to the Editor

Fargo residents and taxpayers are waking up.

The vitriol and constant misinformation disseminated by the Fargo Diversion Authority mouthpiece is wearing thin and the Forum’s dwindling readership are sharing their thoughts.

In a July 25, 2014 letter to the editor Fargo resident Brian Glaeske shared his thoughts on the Fargo Forum July 16th editorial in a few short sentences.

Here is Brian’s letter to the editor…

Letter: Forum editorial shows clear lack of integrity
Republished with permission from: Brian Glaeske

How does The Forum get the facts incorrect on such a consistent basis about the need for a ring dike in the Oxbow/Bakke region? (Forum editorial, July 16). Has The Forum lost all journalistic integrity and is publishing only the facts that the city of Fargo and Mayor Dennis Walaker approve to publish?

It is clear from the past flooding that the areas prone to flooding in Oxbow are no longer an issue due to the flood buyouts of the at-risk homes. The homes that remain have never flooded. Thus logic would dictate that if not for natural flooding, the ring dike must be to protect those homes from the unnatural flooding caused by the Fargo diversion upstream staging area.

I urge The Forum to please try to save your last bits of journalistic integrity and publish the facts and not propagate propaganda. I realize that in an editorial, you can say what you want without facts backing your position.

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