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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Flip Flop, Money Drop, Get A Brand New Home

Oxbow, ND Buyouts (Housing for the Resort) received an email from a Fargo business person that contained letters to the editor that contradict each other.

The letters to the editor were submitted by an Oxbow, ND resident in 2012 and 2015 and appeared in the “opinion” section of the Wahpeton Daily News.

Amidst the controversy generated by 200 – 400 percent buyouts in Oxbow, ND ~ Fargo property owners, subject to relocation, as a result of flood protection dike and levee alignments are questioning why they have been treated less favorably than property owners in the affluent Oxbow, ND community.

The OHB (Oxbow, Hickson, Bakke) ring-dike-levee was proposed as a $65 million dollar project.

Fargo Diversion Authority documents indicate the current OHB costs through the end of FY2015 to be $89 – $92 million dollars, with approximately 25 percent of the ring-dike-levee completed.

Wahpeton Daily News
Opinion – Letter to the Editor

Counties Have Elected Commissioners Who Hold Their Best Interests at Heart

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Counties have elected commissioners who hold their best interests at heart The people of Richland and Wilkin counties have done well in electing county commissioners who represent their interests. The Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority is a prime example of that representation. Their effective opposition to the Fargo Dam is appreciated by a large group of people, not only in Richland and Wilkin counties, but also other areas. Since I live in Cass County, outside of Fargo, I don’t have any elected representation at the county level. Therefore, I would like to thank the citizens of Richland County and Wilkin County for their good decisions in recent elections. I would also like to thank the Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority for their work on behalf of citizens who would be impacted by the Fargo Dam.

I am confident that, in the end, common sense will prevail and the Fargo Dam won’t be constructed. I don’t plan to move out of our house any time soon, and in fact, we are renovating the kitchen in our home. All of the new appliances were purchased from Nielsen Electric TV & Appliance Center in Wahpeton, and we are looking forward to doing more business in Richland and Wilkin counties.

Joe Talley, Oxbow, N.D.
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‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do,’ Is the Motto

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear Editor,

Although I live closer to Fargo than to Wahpeton, over the years I have enjoyed patronizing businesses in the communities of Wahpeton and Breckenridge, Minnesota. However, due to the actions of the Richland and Wilkin counties, that will now change. No longer will I purchase appliances at Nielsen Electric or a car at Smith Motors. I won’t enjoy a meal at the Wilkin, or a treat at the Dairy Queen. Unless I find it unavoidable, I will no longer spend any money in Wahpeton or Breckenridge.

Opposition from both towns to the ring dike around Oxbow is interesting, since no one from Richland or Wilkin counties bothered to consult with residents in Oxbow to get our opinion on the “diversion” that was constructed around Breckenridge. That structure has materially increased the severity of flooding at Oxbow, while the ring dike around Oxbow will not have any impact on either Wahpeton or Breckenridge. None of the communities in Minnesota that have constructed ring dikes consulted with residents of Oxbow. Apparently in Richland and Wilkin counties, “Do as I say, not as I do,” is the motto.

Joe Talley, Oxbow, North Dakota
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One Response to “ Flip Flop, Money Drop, Get A Brand New Home ”

  1. Spoiled people are used to having things there way or should I say in this case both ways. 18 holes of golf are much more important then are 30,000 acres of red river farm land.

    A new club house and pool to top this gift off.

    Remember according to USACE any costs above 1.8 billion will be the local govt. responsibility. That means Fargo/Moorehead and Cass and Clay counties. What about the Fed?

    Crop issue outside of magical red line. This will be the hoop the DA will not be able to jump through. This is issue that will force the whole project north. When this happens the ring dike around OHB will truly be the giant elephant in the room. When our group testified in Bismark on House Bill 1020 we reminded the legislators of all issues including the costs. They still allowed for building of dikes outside of Fargo.

    In my opinion some of this should be placed at feet of leadership in Bismark starting at the top.

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