"You don't trust us...?" | Trust is earned, through consideration and respect and measured against the actions and deeds of those saying “trust us”…" />
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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Farmers, Land Owners and Diversion Authority Tension

Fargo Moorhead Dam and FM Diversion Land Theft

Last Natural Flood Plain adjacent to Fargo, ND

During the August 14th, 2012 Ag Committee in West Fargo, there were a few awkwardly tense moments. One in particular came from Fargo’s Director of Engineering: Mark Bittner, PE

“You don’t trust us…?”

Doug Hagel: “Federal crop insurance covers only “unavoidable, naturally occurring events.” Losses resulting from a manmade containment project – such as a diversion or dam – are not covered.”

Trust is earned, through consideration and respect and measured against the actions and deeds of those saying “trust us”…

The FM Metro Diversion Project Agricultural Land Acquisition Alternatives Draft, submitted to the ag sub committee 8/14/2012 include, but are not limited to the following concerns relating to the alternatives that do not address the issues of just compensation.

1. The value of flowage easement payments proposed.

2. One time payment, or per year based on market conditions.

3. Who decides what are the damages are incurred by the project.

4. What are the criteria to determine if the damages were due to the project.

5. What are the standard for the extent of the crop losses.

6. Long term viability of the FM Metro to fulfill it duties to the impacted community.

7. Staging area is not related to real ag conditions. Elevation and proximity to the
    rivers in not reflected realistically in the determination of compensation/staging
    locations. The financial loss is considerable to the effected parties, ie rental
    income losses. (Please see property owned by the Rogne family in the staging
    area and outside of the staging area, and others)

8. Other forms of compensation as “takings” need to be fully explained.

9. Out right land purchase price, considering the true value of the land, future
    income and past investment as “Just Compensation” for losses to the impacted
    community. under alternatives 3&4

10. Exact list of land impacted staging areas, by owner and a resolution of staging
    area discrepancies.

11. A full report of the plan for relocation of impacted properties, home, farming
    operations head quarters. The new locations, total reimbursement of all
    relocation costs, reestablishment of farming operations and the location of
    new land to replace lost land to the project. As required under the project
    and public law.

If there are concerns that are not listed, feel free to include your input below.

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