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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Comstock MN Area Residents Concerned About Failed Leadership

Failed Leadership & Public Outreach

Failed Leadership & Public Outreach

It sure would have been nice…

Displayed on the internet, the Diversion Authority (DA) Public Outreach Committee’s agenda for its meeting held on:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Listed subsection d. under item 6:

“Diversion Authority Community Meetings”

“Comstock – Sept. 18.”

The Diversion Authority agenda clearly shows that a week would pass before the DA Outreach Committee members would be attending a city council meeting in the Village of Comstock, MN.

It sure would have been nice if the individual who arranged for the two DA Outreach members to be in Comstock on September 18th would have made a public announcement of some sort in an attempt to let as many area residents know about the expected guests.
It sure would have been nice if as many concerned citizens, as possible, in the Comstock area, had known about and been able to experience such a wonderful opportunity, to hear firsthand from diversion authority personnel just what Comstock’s options are for dealing with this dire situation and how these options would affect the surrounding community.
It sure would have been nice if council members and townspeople had been informed of the Outreach Committee’s intent more than just a day or two prior to the meeting.
It sure would have been nice if stakeholders, even though maybe not village residents, would have had time (if they had known) to arrange their schedules to be at the meeting to hear the “outrageous” comments; rather, Outreach Committee members’ comments.
It sure would have been nice if everyone who should have been included in knowing about a meeting of such significance would actually have been included.
It sure would have been nice if Comstock, Holy Cross Township, and Clay County residents had had a County Commissioner who had listened to constituents long before this sorry tale unfolded; someone who had stood up for their interests; and had, at least, attempted to uphold the laws of the State of Minnesota which were meant to protect them.
It sure would have been nice…


Shelley Lewis is a concerned citizen of Holy Cross Township, Clay County, MN.

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