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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Situational Ethics Part 6

Jim Nyhof, Oxbow ND Mayor (on Birkenstock Letter)

A “proponent” of the Fargo Dam and FM Diversion project lashed out recently with this comical aspersion: “…don’t you have something better to do with your time…?”

“As if”…, making a chiding remark could unravel over a half decade of Cass county and Fargo Diversion Authority aggression towards property owners upstream of Fargo’s proposed development area.

Well, to be blunt, YES, I do have better things to do with my time.

In fact, I and other upstream people affected by the irreverent actions Fargo, Cass county and Fargo Diversion Authority lead rather normal, busy lives with an unwavering right to defend what is “ours”…, and to tell those trying to take it…, where they can shove it.

Let’s hit some of the highlights of those “better things DONE” I’ve done since Jim Nyhof’s July 10th, 2015 letter the editor came out.

Attended two weddings and wedding dances.
Driven over 2,000 miles.
Hauled 6,000 bushels of corn to Wahpeton.
Family pilgrimage to the dentist for teeth clean and checkup.
Enjoyed a home cooked meal at my mother in laws.
Listened to a buddy claim he was fishing, but was “distracted” by bikinis.
Took some pictures of Fargo Moorhead flood protection.
Tried to organize the shop. (work in progress)
Shared some whiskey and moonshine with 4 intelligent “barstool” engineers.
Spoke with congressional delegation.
Did an oil change.
Revved up the chainsaw, cut some wood.
Entertained friends from Dubai and Moldova.
Repaired the lawn mower.
Repaired the lawn mower, again!
Received an email suggesting I do something both physically and anatomically impossible.
Attended a MNDak Upstream Coalition meeting.
Had a relative pass away and attended their funeral.
Contemplated “things” over a freshly ground cup of coffee.
Slow danced at 12:01 am July 16 with the most beautiful woman in my world, my wife.
Celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.
Walked through the downtown street fair.
Saw “San Andreas” at the Fargo Theater.
Sorta fixed the A/C in my pickup.

…and jotted down a few thoughts relating to Mr. Nyhof’s letter to the editor.

For instance, this excerpt from Oxbow, ND mayor Jim Nyhof’s letter to the Fargo Forum:

“I am quoted in my Jan. 26, 2011, letter that, with the help of the State Water Commission, we celebrated the building of a series of protective levees in Oxbow that provided more flood protection than we had previously. These levees, none of which were interconnected to another levee, were all designed only to help win future flood-fighting efforts. In the most flood-prone area of town, we actually built levees that used the basement foundations as part of our flood protection line of defense. This protection is better than we had and we are proud of that effort, but it was not the end of the road.” – Nyhof

“I am quoted” -?- Odd…, does a person “quote” themselves or make a “statement”?

Did Mr. Nyhof actually pen the letter to the editor or letter to Terry Birkenstock (USACE)?

Either way, Mr. Nyhof takes ownership of those words because he submitted both under his name.

Spinning a “woeful tale” about levees not being interconnected is nothing more than an attempt to sensationalize an “alleged weakness” that is “in actuality” a design feature detailed in Oxbow’s flood protection operational plan.  (Hint: read page 5)

There have been several reports from Oxbow residents that suggest the “basement foundations as a line of defense” are no longer used in that manner. If that is the case why would Mr. Nyhof use an outdated example to describe a current situation? Removal of 3 homes and 3 twin homes on the east side of Schnell would ensure the “line of defense” would be robust.

Regardless, Fargo Moorhead have similar homes in their line of defense that are addressed with temporary measures.

South Fargo Home in Levee Alignment

South Fargo Home in Levee Alignment

South Fargo Home in Levee Alignment

South Fargo Home in Levee Alignment

South Fargo Home in Levee Alignment

South Fargo Home in Levee Alignment

South Moorhead Home in Levee Alignment

South Moorhead Home in Levee Alignment


Mr. Nyhof goes on to say…

“My letter in 2011 was to request the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to consider saving the city I so passionately serve.”

After reading Mr. Nyhof’s letter to Terry Birkenstock (USACE) several times, I cannot not find any word or phrase, specifically requesting his city be saved.

However, this paragraph excerpt was rather interesting:

At a recent meeting, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution opposing the presently proposed project. Additionally, many of the property owners in the City have signed a petition joining in the resolution opposing the project as presently proposed. A copy of this resolution is enclosed for your review and consideration.

Several of the petition signers are now on the list for buyouts.

Whether Mr. Nyhof, self proclaims himself to be credible, honest and effective…, his recent attempt at historical revisionism will become part of the “legacy” he will be remembered for…

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