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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

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Injustice in the Flood Plain


What has happened to these good men who now want to take from others and give to themselves?


Injustice in the Flood Plain
To the editor:

You know the old saw “Whiskey is for drinking water is for fighting”.  It has been forced to a new level.

Dr. Mahoney, our family doctor who treated my father and mother well through at least two operations, is now working to take away all that they worked for their whole lives.

Daddy worked on the farm with his father, went to war for our country, married, came back to the farm, raised three children and put them through college, all by his and his wife’s hard work.

He invested wisely and bought a half section, and that is also, with the home farm, now in jeopardy because of the greed of Dr. Mahoney and his “friends,” coming to try to take what they worked for all their lives. For what? For Fargo to build in the flood plain.

My father did not live to be in his 90s for nothing. His life was not in vain.

-Trana Rogne
Kindred, N.D.

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