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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

There’s a NEW COWARD in Town

FM Diversion Facebook

Thank you to all that have emailed and messaged us via facebook.

Yes, we are aware of, which is apparently a community page set up by a self proclaimed private citizen.

Having reviewed the unofficial FM Diversion Community page and the remaining non-deleted comments, the topics are cursory at best and supported with “rocky” conclusions.

What would prompt the creation of the unofficial FM Diversion Community page? When it comes flooding, natural flood plain development and a pro-diversion message, the alleged private citizen, Fargo leaders and the Diversion Authority are realizing that the horses have long since left barn and they are naive enough think that locking the door “now” will do them any good.

A private citizen’s attempt to facilitate support for the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion. It’s about time we got permanent flood protection!

This page is one citizen’s attempt to help promote efforts to build the Diversion to provide permanent flood protection for the Fargo-Moorhead area.This page is non-partisan and is not affiliated with any government or private entity.There is a lot of nonsense out there about the Diversion project, but the reality is that years of study and millions of dollars have been spent by leaders from both political parties, old leaders, young leaders, men, women, those from the region and those from elsewhere. If there was any other realistic alternative, it would have risen to the top.It’s about time the citizens stand up and say “build this!” We are tired of flooding and tired of the bickering. All projects have impacts, and this is a big project with big impacts, but the cost of not doing it is worse. Let’s get it done.


Pluralism is an important component in the learning process. It allows the “individual” (you) an opportunity to read, consider, research, challenge – then accept or reject a proposed concept, philosophy or ideology.

In the matter of the unofficial FM Diversion Community page.

One must take it for what it is worth…

It recites propaganda of the Diversion Authority and Fargo/Cass, yet fails to establish any factual proof that the non-authorized, non-funded FM Diversion project has risen to the top as the “plan of choice”.  How is it possible for anyone to believe that other projects to exist with higher cost/benefit ratios that are already authorized and sit unfunded, may somehow trump those project is questionable at best.

As for skyrocketing flood insurance premium, that is a matter that rests solely on the shoulders of Fargo and Cass leaders, as they have actively participated in the development of the last natural flood plain adjacent to the city. FEMA can only assess the aftermath and lack of foresight that local leaders have used in their irresponsible development that has related to more than 25 inches of increase in Red River crests as a result of water displacement from the natural flood plain.

Fargo and Cass leaders fostered the change in B.F.E. (Base Flood Elevation) over decades and have tried to blame FEMA for their actions.

Perhaps the most comical “self aggrandizing” disingenuous statement of all is:

“Tired of flooding? “Like” the unofficial FM Diversion fan page! Stay up to date on all the project details from an honest source in favor of the FM Diversion.”


With four different individuals reporting that they had their comments or replies deleted, one can only question the self proclaimed integrity of the admin and the propensity to use Nazi Germany, Cold War Russia, Red China and North Korean tactics to suppress the real message and replace it with one that is “controlled” and allowed to be considered.

This is nothing new. This is what we have come to expect from the cowards that are trying to control what you are “allowed” to know about the FM Diversion…, which in reality is dam with a secondary feature touted as a diversion.

Either way, will add the unofficial FM Diversion Community page  to proponent link on the right sidebar and let YOU, the red blooded American reader, decide who’s full of what…and by how much.

Mike Bice, proprietor of the Knickerbocker Liquor Locker Hickson, ND is offering a buy 1 get 1 beverage of choice to anyone that can prove they’ve been banned from the unofficial FM Diversion Community page

(screen shot or smart phone proof considered valid)

…and if you would like to…
Share your “I got banned from the ‘Un-Official’ FM Diversion FB page” here.


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