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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

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Fargo's Greatest Flood Is the Fargo Diversion Authority

Fargo’s Greatest Flood Is the Fargo Diversion Authority

“A lot of people had flood insurance in West Fargo but dropped it because of the Sheyenne River Diversion Project,” Kyner said. “They figured they would be safe. But they weren’t safe from the 17 inches of rain that came down. My point is it floods everywhere. A 60-foot dike can’t protect you if it rains 17 inches on the wrong side of the dike.”

Early Chatter:

Early Chatter: “Isaac” Greatest Threat “Heavy Rains”

Watching The Weather Channel intently as “Isaac” heads toward New Orleans within days of Hurricane Katrina’s anniversary prods considerable thought. $14.5 billion additional dollars spent to update aging flood mitigation that at its inception was “designed” to provide adequate prevention from storm surge, swells and tidal flooding. Curiously, a similar concern to the Fargo Moorhead […]

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