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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

Reference Section

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive

reference information as possible.

If you have a map or reference material that you feel

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Map of Channel Alignment, Maple River to Outlet (December 2011)
Three Larger Scale Maps, Maple River to Outlet (December 2011)
Project Map (July 2011)
Scenario Maps
Oxbow Area Map
Comstock Map
Hydraulic Structures, ND Diversion
Upstream Staging Area, ND Diversion
ND Diversion Side by Side
Proposed ND Diversion Alignments Downstream 2-22-2011
Proposed ND Diversion Alignments Upstream 2-22-2011
Existing Conditions – Overview
Existing Conditions I
Existing Conditions II
Existing Conditions III
Existing Conditions IV
100 Year Flood Depth – Existing
100 Year Flood Depth – ND Diversion
Downstream Impacts – ND Diversion

Real Estate Parcels

North Dakota North
North Dakota Upper Middle
North Dakota Lower Middle
North Dakota South

Floodplain Related Maps and Tools

Fargo: Interactive Flood Stage Map
Fargo: Elevation Contours Map
Fargo: Current FEMA Floodplain
Fargo: Preliminary Floodplain North & South
Moorhead: Interactive Flood Stage Map
Moorhead: Current FEMA Floodplain
Moorhead: Proposed 100 Year FEMA Floodplain
Moorhead: Proposed 500 Year FEMA Floodplain
Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Information
National Flood Insurance Program
Flood Facts

USACE Documents – Fargo Moorhead Metropolitan Area Flood Risk Management

2009-12-17 FMM Alternatives Screening Document – 25.5mb
2010-05-28 Draft Feasibility DEIS Report (Public – FINAL) – 500k
2011-04-18 Supplemental Draft Feasibility SDEIS Main Report (FINAL) – 45.7mb
2011-08-31 Final Feasibility Environmental Impact Statement FEIS Main Report – 57.1mb

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