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FM Diversion and Dam Increases national debt

About Fargo Moorhead Diversion Board of Authority

About the Authority


The Diversion Authority evolved from the Flood Protection Coalition. The group widely disseminated a form letter and encouraged citizens to submit the letter or variations of the letter and comments to the Corps of Engineers. (unedited versions of the letter can be found and

The letter states: “We need to find a way to get a favorable cost benefit ratio…”

The excerpt from the Flood Protection Coalition letter indicates an agenda to manufacture a Cost Benefit Ratio favorable to Fargo’s goals which does not benefit the entire region or state and federal tax payers.

The original Cost Benefit Ratio failed. Several revisions were made to augment to Cost Benefit Ratio to meet the stated goal(s) of the Flood Protection Coalition by the F-M Community Steering Committee, which was comprised of the following members.

• Ed Schafer (former ND Governor)
• Ron Offutt (Founder and Chairman of RDO Equipment Co. and R.D. Offutt Company)
• Steve D. Scheel (CEO Scheels Corporate)
• Doug Burgum (Founder Kilbourne Group)
• Dick Solberg (CEO Bell State Bank & Trust)
• Bruce Furness (former Fargo Mayor)
• Ron Bergan (CEO Fargo Assembly)
• Erv Inniger (Board of Directors Choice Finanical, former NDSU sr. assoc Athletics)



A joint powers agreement forming the
Flood Diversion Board of Authority was signed by:

• Fargo, ND
• Moorhead, MN
• Cass County, ND
• Clay County, MN
• Cass County Joint Water Resources District
• Buffalo-Red River Water Resources District



The Flood Diversion Board of Authority was NOT formed with stakeholder representation from outlying areas that will be adversely impacted by the
Fargo Dam and Diversion and relocation of flood water.

Stakeholders that were denied representation and voting rights include but are not limited to:

• Oxbow, ND
• Hickson, ND
• Bakke, ND
• Kindred, ND
• Davenport, ND
• Christine, ND
• Comstock, MN
• Wolverton, MN

• Cass County

· Pleasant Township, Cass County, ND
· Normanna Township, Cass County, ND
· Warren Township, Cass County, ND
· Mapleton Township, Cass County, ND
· Raymond Township, Cass County, ND
· Berlin Township, Cass County, ND
· Harwood Township, Cass County, ND

• Richland County

· Walcott Township, Richland County, ND
· Eagle Township, Richland County, ND
· Colfax Township, Richland County, ND
· Abercrombie Township, Richland County ND

• Clay County

· Holy Cross Township, Clay County, MN

• Wilkin County

· Wolverton Township, Wilkin County, MN
· Deerhorn Township, Wilkin County, MN
· Roberts Township, Wilkin County, MN



The purpose of the Fargo Dam and Diversion is to build and operate multiple dam control structures, aqueducts and a diversion channel to relocate assumed flood risk impacts of the Red River of the North onto the surrounding region and communities that pose a low event probability risk to the cities of Fargo and Moorhead.

Compiled from Pages 17-20 of FEIS – 9/28/2011 release
Flood Probability Year Flood Chance of Non-occurance Flood Threat
10% 10 90% Moderately Low
2% 50 98% Low
1% 100 99% Very Low
0.2% 500 99.98% Extreme Low


The Diversion Authority and its members worked with the United States Army Corps of Engineers on the FM Metro Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study to develop the flood diversion channel project that violates Executive Order 11988to accommodate the city of Fargo’s current future plans of development.

The Diversion Authority is led by nine board members from the participating entities.

Flood Diversion Board of Authority Members

  • Darrell Vanyo, Chairman – Cass County Commissioner
  • Dennis Walaker – Mayor, City of Fargo
  • Tim Mahoney – Fargo City Commissioner
  • Brad Wimmer – Fargo City Commissioner
  • Nancy Otto – Moorhead City Councilwoman
  • Scott Wagner – Cass County Commissioner
  • Kevin Campbell – Clay County Commissioner
  • Mike Thorstad – West Fargo City Commissioner
  • Rodger Olson – Joint Water Resource District Manager


FM Diversion Authority
Box 2806
211 Ninth Street South
Fargo, ND 58108

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One Response to “ About Fargo Moorhead Diversion Board of Authority ”

  1. Fargo and Moorhead have not helped the continued flooding by any practical solutions.

    The richest farmland continues to be covered with cement. No planning with vision has been shown. They continue to be allowed to spread out building with unlimited amount of land. They cave in to developers and bankers.

    For example, apartment buildings should be required to be 12 floors high. No excuses, developers will find a way to get the investment returns. If rent is priced to high, they will be vacant. This one policy could change how the water flows with proper drainage systems..other city’s are built on less desirable land….business development and office building need the same requirement.

    All we have now is more street (spillways) to the river. SO, let’s build the Fargo Canal….Fargo is so concerned but they need a reality check.

    They created the problem…so let’s send our bad water up north and get clean water from the WESTERN ND. That’s is crazy….

    Use some commonsense and step up and be responsible with some vision.

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